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Integrating Intelligent Data


The Power of Intelligence

We develop engineering data integration solutions which harness the intelligence of your technical data to help improve industrial project efficiencies and confidence.

Technical Drawing.jpg
Technical Drawing.jpg
Our Offers

Ensure Digital Asset Reliability

Aid Technical Collaborations

Visualize Quality Progress

Track Standards & Compliance

Next-Gen Data Integration Solutions
  • Lets your team interpret and share technical data

  • Ensures cross-discipline alignment and project delivery to budget and schedule

Finding Clarity From Your Data
  • On-demand access and validation of digital twins

  • Ensures unhindered visibility of data, in all its forms

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drawing and 3d.jpg
Supporting Your Digital Journey
  • Integration of multi-source, multi-format data, presented as different dimensions

  • Seamless collaboration leads to higher project confidence

​​Any Industry, Any Domain
  • Power & Utilities, Marine, Building & Construction, Energy, Pharma, Chemicals

  • Data is a key asset, and maximizing the value of your data is Intrida's mission


Our Product Makes It Happen

About Us
About Us

We believe that there is more to being 'data driven' which goes beyond the struggle to access, interact and collaborate with your technical data.

Our global team of engineers, designers and business experts passionately challenge legacy methods and strive to create innovative solutions.​

Contact us

Do You Have an Epic Idea?

If you are driven and motivated to explore the world of technological possibilities and help craft innovative engineering solutions with a team of like-minded individuals, then get in touch.  

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