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ACHEMA 2018 Highlights

ACHEMA 2018 edition kicked off on June 11th, and will run until the 15th of June. The feedback for the 1st days couldn't be more positive, as the event managed to amazingly gather number of visitors.

The opening session started with a speech from Prof. Dr. Rainer Diercks, DECHEMA's Chairman, preceded by a speech from the Nobel prize winner of Chemistry in 2016, Sir James Fraser Stoddart...

This was still the stage for the delivery of the award for the DECHEMAX science Competition, whose goal was to reward a group of pre high school students from across Germany. A very positive bet that serves as impulse and motivation for the young talents who will potentially lead in the differents areas of specialisation within Chemical/process industries.

Besides this award, the ACHEMA Start-up award was also delivered to a top 3 innovative start-ups in different areas.

Observing all the symbiosis and excitement in the atmosphere, especially in Hall 9 and 9.1, from all those different exhibiting companies all in the same space presenting what they are experts on, was a very enriching and positive experience for sure!

We at Intrida spent most of our time engaging with the exhibitors and visitors, understanding their data integration challenges, as well as gathering more details from discipline engineers, which will feed into our solutions (elegantly of course).

When it comes to the main differentiators, we can point out some trends that are becoming ever more visible in areas such as:


- World-scale-plant projects keep trending;

 - EPC providers broaden their services portfolio;

 - Engineering in the cyber age with the digital twin or cloud-based data;

- Modular engineering for fine and specialty chemicals;

- Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions support training and education;


- IIoT/Industry 4.0 brings maintenance onto the tablet PC;

- Predictive maintenance becomes easier;

- Namur Open Architecture (NOA) becomes a fast lane alternative to the common automation pyramid;

- Big data analysis is used for process optimizations, to boost effiency or to establish new business models;

- Ethernet-based systems in the field;

- The Modular Device Package (MTP) enables modular automation concepts.

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